Community Safety Model

Bringing together government agencies and communities to discuss matters security and safety.

Police Reforms Agenda

Contributing to Policy, Legislative and Institutional reforms to achieve democratic policing through public participation in Kenya.

Private Security Governance in Kenya

Promoting Private Security Sector governance in Kenya.

Capacity Building of CSOs and Media in Kenya

Strengthening human rights monitoring and reporting on Private security Industry in Kenya.


Usalama Reforms Forum is delighted to introduce a new phase in our development cycle as an institution. After many years of investment, we have evolved to become a leading Kenyan based Policy, Research and Innovation institution in the field of Security Sector Governance, Police Reforms, Community Safety and Security. Since inception, our partnerships have grown tremendously at community, national, regional and international levels. During this period we have established strong working relationship with government agencies, Civil Society Organizations, Research & Learning Institution and Community Based Organizations. Through this website, we share stories of our partnerships and involvements in community, national and international engagements across the board. We also share growth and experiences of community, national, regional and international interventions & models for possible replication and evidence based on policy, research  and innovation through various interactions at different levels.

Usalama Reforms Forum is a Kenyan based Policy, Research & Innovation Organization founded as a Security Sector and Governance outfit  in 2008 with the mandate of consolidating civil society engagement in security sector reforms programs in the region.

Usalama’s mandate has evolved over time, with a clear focus on policy, research & innovation, good governance and promoting knowledge based & sustainable community safety models through public participation and democratic principles enshrined in the rule of law.

Our initiatives focuses on public participation based on community safety models and knowledge based management. We continue to strengthen our partnerships and share lessons on best practices on program interventions. Participate by subscribing to our social media platforms to regularly share and view comments from us and other security sector interest groups.


A Publication on Communities and their Police Stations

Monitored the National Police Service Recruitment

Baseline Study on Private Security Industry in Kenya

Capacity Building of CSO & Media in Private Security Governance

testimonials from our partners

Usalama works closely with government agencies, research institutions, CSOs and community initiatives.

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''I would wish to commend our Partners at the Usalama Reforms Forum for excellent work in doing the Baseline Study on the Private Security Industry in Kenya. This is the first study of its kind within the region and offers an impetus for national and regional engagements within Private Security Governance Observatory.''

Dr. Alan Bryden

Dr. Alan Bryden, Assistant Director, , DCAF

"It is always a great pleasure to engage with Usalama family, together we have worked closely in contributing to the reform process with the Private Security Industry in Kenya. As Women in Security (WISE), the tranformation agenda will certainly achieve our desired objective within the Industry."

Annette Kimitei

Managing Director,, SENACA EA


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