For a long period of time (last three decades), private security providers have operated
without proper laws regulating the conduct of their business in the country. As a
result, a number of human rights violations, poor workers’ welfare and governance
challenges have been experienced in the sector, amongst other challenges. The
emergence of terrorist activities within the region, targeting government installations,
private business and public places has further complicated the security situation,
creating new needs for private security services.
In addition, the existence and growth of the extractive industry within the region has
been the source of further challenges linked to private security. The discovery in the
last ten years of oil resources in parts of Kenya has shifted the focus of the role of the
private security industry and investment interests within the country, creating new
needs and increased demands for private security services. This growth and important
changes in the private security sector have nevertheless happened without a wide
public awareness and monitoring: this lack of knowledge on the national private
security sector is the incentive for the undertaking
of Baseline Study on the Private Security Industry in Kenya.


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