The existing political goodwill and efforts made by the PSRA should be recognised even with
existing challenges in reforming the private security industry.
An appeal to the president to monitor the reforms he ordered implemented in the private
security industry. This call for a multi-pronged Advocacy approach.
On curriculum development, there needs to be a middle ground reached by the industry
players in conjunction with the ministry of Education and Kenya National Qualifications
Kenya Aviation authority and Kenya Maritime Authority have set their vetting standards,
which are stringent and should be adhered to including eye testing after every six months at
the cost of individual guards and companies. Abuse of screener by the aviation industry who
insist on testing in order to validate the clarity of the luggage.
Consumers should be listened to and customer care be addressed among the state security
officers who are unprofessional in handling clients. The state of security guards should be
addressed – e.g. the case of corona virus where the guards are on the front-line screening
clients in various places thus creating a threat on their lives and a demand for training in public