To strengthen the role of access to Justice institutions in the community to offer better services to the people.

Main focus areas:

  • Professionalize the informal Justice institutions
  • Sensitize the Formal Justice system to appreciate the work of the “alternative justice systems”
  • Establish a legal regulatory framework within which Justice Institutions can operate through the Judiciary and the Court Users committees.
  • Lobby for Government to support the Informal Justice Institutions in appreciation of the role they play in dispensing justice the community.

Rationale behind the AJS project:

The formal court system is regarded as slow, expensive and less punitive. The AJS is popular because it is faster, easily accessible and satisfies most people (especially men). This is because it has a basis in the customary, traditional and cultural law systems. However, AJS are often seen to discriminate against the female gender and furthermore overstep their mandate by dealing with cases of serious crime. This therefore calls for harmonization of these levels of justice delivery by putting a clear distinction of nature of cases that should be heard at each level and the kind of judgment expected.

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