Baragoi is located in the Northern part of the country, in Samburu County, at approximately 450KM from Nairobi. The semi-arid area is mostly occupied by the pastoralist communities of the Samburu and the Turkana. In Baragoi town, other communities like the meru, Kikuyu, Somali and Kisii can also be found.

Baragoi Community

Baragoi Community

Main security challenges:

  • Continuous conflict amongst the communities in the area who mainly fight over scarce pasture and water resources.
  • Cattle Rustling between Samburu-Turkana-Pokot communities
  • Banditry along the highways of Maralal-Baragoi and Maralal-Nyahururu
  • presence of illegal firearms and trafficking of SALW
  • Illegal alcohol brew
  • Early and forced marriage



Establishment of community policing and improved public and police interaction


El-Barta Child and Family Programme, Christian Children’s Fund and ACTED, the Baragoi women peace and development, the Baragoi Youth Speakout and the Baragoi Community Development programme.

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