Eastleigh is a vibrant neighborhood of Nairobi, located 10km from the central business district. It is also called ‘little Mogadishu’ due to its large Somali immigrant population. It has a population of over 400,000.

Eastleigh Community

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Main security challenges:

  • gun related crime
  • organized gangs
  • gun trade
  • illegal immigration
  • drugs trade and substance abuse



  • The members of the safety forum have acted to share information and ideas that has led to the cooling of tension between the boda operators, criminals and police.
  • Former gang members have been engaged in the safety forum and activities
  • developed a framework that has resulted in police and community being able to work together to reduce crime
  • established a women safety volunteer program, support group among women whose children are involved in crime
  • managed to bring on board commercial sex worker, which expands the scoop of information gathering in the area


Police, provincial administration, education sector, health facility, International Justice Mission, Kituo cha sharia (NGO), Fight for peace international (sports), Eastleigh business association.

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