The Garissa municipality is located in the arid or desert terrain of North Eastern province. Somalis are the primary residents of the area, many of who have migrated from rural settings in Somalia and the world’s biggest refugee camp in Dadaab.

Garissa Community

Garissa Community

Main security challenges:

  • Garissa has experienced a number of terrorist attacks.
  • The most common crimes are petty theft, burglary, assault, traffic cases, rape,
  • inter-clan disputes, violence over plots of land and political differences
  • illegal migrants


In collaboration with the Judiciary training institute the community is now being challenged to increase access to justice and solve conflicts between locals and non local ethnic groups (e.g. Somali vs. Kambas.)


Peacenet, Matatu, Taxi and Boda-Boda services, the business sector, Private Security Providers, the police, the Community Policing Committee and the informal peace structures, chief, health facility and children’s office..

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