Kagumo town is situated in Kerugoya division, Kirinyaga County. Kagumo has a population of approximately 9,000 inhabitants (2009). Kerugoya is largely an agricultural area with tea and coffee being the main cash crop. Kagumo is a predominately a Christian community and the main ethnic groupings are Kikuyu, Aembu and the Ndia.

Kagumo Community

Kagumo Community

Main security challenges:

    The area is relatively safe and peaceful, though there are some security challenges:

  • Cases of petty crime
  • Mugging
  • Presence of alleged Mungiki sect
  • congestion and conflict over public space
  • fear of victimization
  • limited knowledge of crime and violence patterns and ignorance of rules and solutions, diminished cultural values and poor parenting
  • violence in schools
  • youth delinquency



Establishment of community policing and improved public and police interaction


The area is policed by 15 Administration Police officers who are housed within the Mutira Chief Camp. The main police station is Kerugoya police station and Kabonge police post.

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