Kapenguria is situated in West Pokot County, located in the North Rift Valley region. Kapenguria town hosts a total of 25,000 residents (2009). The town is the meeting place for community from all over the county as it hosts the County offices and Heads of Departments and National Government appointees. 

Baragoi Community

Baragoi Community

Main security challenges:

  • Cattle rustling
  • Banditry
  • Intra-community conflict
  • Gender based violence amongst which Female Genital Mutilation and underaged prostitution
  • presence of firearms
  • Substance abuse among youth
  • urban crimes like robbery, vandalisation and gambling


The county safety is improving through community policing initiatives and the improved relationship between community and police


SIKOM peace network, Saferworld, West Pokot County Government, the Court Users Committee, West Pokot County Policing Authority and groups at risk of becoming offenders or victims of crime and violence.

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