The Organization

Usalama Forum is a Kenyan based public safety Research and Innovation Organization. Founded as a Police Reforms lobby in 2008, the forum’s mandate has since evolved and is now focused on generating and promoting good practices for community safety and security. It is the hope of Usalama Forum that these community models shall be the springboards for generating knowledge on how to build and sustain viable Community Safety Schemes; consolidate evidence for policy, future legislation and institutional development.

National Safety Movement

Occasionally, initiatives of citizen groups on public safety and security converge at a National Conference convened by Usalama Forum to share lessons, reflect on the priorities for the coming year and adopt resolutions for their joint and individual action. These resolutions become the policy basis for Usalama’s plans and strategies. The National Safety Conference hence is the policy platform for the Usalama Forum. The Conference is a citizen’s stage that consolidates and articulates the voice of the safety movement at the community level.  There are three distinct Usalama constituencies at the Conference: The Forum Member Organizations, the Forum Secretariat and the Community Safety Forums in the Communities.

Forum Secretariat

Usalama Secretariat is the executing arm of the Conference.  The Secretariat is currently overseeing implementation of Community Safety Program adopted at the first National Safety Conference in June 2013. Currently, the Secretariat is organized into the Projects Office and the Support Services Office.

Representation in the community

Currently, there are thirteen Community Safety Forums across the country constituting the conference.  These include: Kagumo, Kisii, Mtwapa, Eastleigh, Voi, Garissa, Ugunja, Kopsiro, Baragoi, Kakuma,Kapenguria, Bungomaand Isiolo. In each community, there is a Safety Coordinator who is operationally responsible for the implementation of the activities, the delivery of the objective of the Program Document ‘to strengthen the community’s role in enhancing their safety and security’ and the building of a national grassroots movement for public safety in Kenya.

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