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DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance is dedicated to making states and people safer through more effective and accountable security and justice. Since 2000, the Centre has facilitated, driven and shaped security sector reform (SSR) policy and programming around the world. Security sector governance (SSG), based on the rule of law and respect for human rights, is a cornerstone of development and security. DCAF works closely with various partner in supporting policy, legislation and good governance within the security sector across the world.


International Donor Partner

The Kenya National Police Service(NPS) is established under the constitution of Kenya 2010 and given effect through the NPS Act 2011 under the command of the Inspector General with two distinct services. i.e Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service. In partnership with Usalama Reforms Forum the NPS  reviewed the Standing Orders of the Police in order to comply with the law and other regulations. Currently NPS is guided by the Service Standing Orders in discharging its duties as provided for in the NPS Act 2011.

National Police Service

Government of Kenya

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority is established through an Act of Parlianment to provide civilian oversight over the work of the NPS. IPOA’s mandate include providing civilian oversight mechanism, promoting accountability, proffessionalism, public trust and confidence in the service. In 2014, in partnership with Usalama. IPOA monitored the recruitment of police constables and produced a report that was the basis for the nulification of the exercise by the high court of Kenya.


A Civilian Oversight Authority

The Private Security Governance Observatory is a network of African civil society organizations (CSOs) that seeks to share knowledge and reinforce their organizational capacity to promote good governance of the private sector. As the private security industry grows around the world, the engagement of CSOs and Media is critical in ensuring good governance and reporting within the sector.  As members of the Observatory, Usalama with the support of DCAF has continued to champion the objective of the observatory within the region and remains a reliable partner in the realization of this vision.


International Membership Forum

DWB is global Platform that advocates an integrated approach to demo­cracy across all levels in partnership with national and international organizations. The platform promotes global demo­cratization of institutions through advocacy and implementation of the rule of law within various jurisdictions. Currently DWB has chapters spread across regions, with Kenya as one of the active chapters hosted by Usalama Reforms Forum. DWB runs global campaigns and programs for a UN Parliamentary Assembly among others.


International Partner

PRWG-K is a coalition of CSO woorking in the area of Security Sector Reforms in Kenya. Formed in November 2011, the group is instrumental in contributing to police reforms through legislative, policy, advocacy, capacity building of communities and security agencies. Public interest litigation, monitoring police conduct and reporting on violations & providing victim support among other strategic interventions. PRWG-K has sustained pressure on accountability for police (mis)conduct, implementation of community policing across the country among other achievements.


Local partnership Forum

ICoCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative formed in 2013 with a mission to raise private security industry standards and practices that respect human rights and international humanitarian law through global, regioanal and international partnerships. The forum focuses on the implementation of  good  governance, proffessionalism and oversight mechanism of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (the “Code”) in various jurisdiction across the world. Usalama Reforms  Forum is active member of ICoCA implementing various interventions in Kenya and the region.


International Membership Association

Switzerland has had an official presence in Kenya since 1963. Initially, Swiss efforts focused on development cooperation; today, they include a number of areas such as trade, fighting corruption, promoting human rights and cultural ties. The Embassy supported a survey conducted by Usalama on strengthening human rights’ monitoring for private security guards in Nairobi Metropolitan area during Covid -19 pandemic in 2020.

Embassy of Switzerland

Nairobi, Kenya

The British High Commission worked with Usalama in driving the agendafor reforms, especially by providing technicalsupport in the drafting of content for the new Police laws and advocating reform implementation


Private Security Regulator, Kenya

The Kenya Transition Initiative is a project implemented through USAID’s Office of Transition Initiativesthat advances U.S.foreign policy objectives by contributing to a stable Kenyan policy.

Chemonics - USAID

Local partner NGO

CHRI finalised public and police education on the new system of police accountability in Kenya. CHRI, in collaboration withThe Usalama Reforms Forum, prepared flowcharts for professionals, a pocketbook for the police as well as pamphlets andposters for the public.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

Local partner NGO

Private Security Training Association

Local partner NGO

Private Security Regulatory Authority

Local partner NGO

Kenya Correspondents Association

Local partner NGO

SENACA Security Company

Local partner NGO

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