Communities are better able to ensure safety and prevent crime and violence at the local level. Currently, Usalama has projects in 13 communities. These include: Mtwapa, Voi, Eastleigh, Garissa, Kirinyaga, Kisii, Ugunja, Bungoma, Kopsiro, Kapenguria, Baragoi, Kakuma and Isiolo.

building a standard private security framework for kENYA

In response to a complex contemporary security environment, public security forces and an ever-expanding private security industry need be effective, well-managed and – fundamentally  to be situated within a framework of democratic oversight and

Access to justice service

To strengthen the role of access to Justice institutions in the community to offer better services to the people. This therefore calls for harmonization of these levels of justice delivery by putting a clear distinction of nature of cases that should be heard at each level and the kind of judgment expected.

Safety Initiatives

Usalama Safety Audits (2012) established that schools are critical institutions for nurturing human beings into becoming active and responsible citizens. However, if a school is left to degenerate, it can become potential recruitment arenas for violent gangs in the community, including extremist groups. 

Crime and violence Prevention

Reducing risk factors produces community resilience and strength. It also empowers communities to take a more active role in promoting their safety and security, including framing their prevention ideas into long term development goals.            

Police service delivery & accountability

This project  is part of Usalama’s policy and advocacy work and aims at providing a platform for public participation in measuring quality, accountability and satisfaction of service delivery by the police

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