Digital crime clock

Usalama Reform Forum’s latest innovative idea is the Digitalized Crime Clock. It is a tool that will greatly assist and benefit the work of the police in Kenya. The use of manual systems to create, store and retrieve police crime records, has always proved ineffective and inefficient.This calls for a computerized system that can automatically generate local reports on a daily basis to track and tackle challanges associated with dynamic nature of crime trends. The  digitized Crime Clock will make it easy to analyze, compare and compile the data.

Reports will be generated out of this data and can then be used to inform the stakeholders and members of the community. Moreover, the police can use it to increase efficiency of police operations and service delivery to the community. The overall objective of the crime clock project is to make police’s work easier, more efficient and quicker in terms of preventing crime and violence, in order to make the communities more safe and secure.


The software is being tested in 13 communities across the country


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