Ugunja Community

Ugunja town is located along the Kisumu-Busia highway, 72 km north of Kisumu in Western Kenya. Ugunja town has a population of about 93,372 occupying an area of 212.9 square kilometers. The district is majorly dominated by Luo tribe. Agriculture is the main source of food and income.


Security challenges:

  • Substance abuse, availability of illegal alcohol and drugs
  • sexual offences
  • formation of gangs accused of major crimes in Ugunja
  • influx of homeless people and an increase in the number of Street Families


Partners in Ugunja:

Court Users Committee, Ugunja Police Station, Kenya Land Alliance, Children Office, Ambira Sub-district Hospital, Ugunja Community Resource Centre, Community Policing Group, Provincial Administration, BodaBoda and Matau touts.



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