Usalama is working with the community members in Kakuma in Turkana West Constituency. The majority of the population is Turkana, but there are also 99,000 refugees hosted in Kakuma Refugee Camp, of which the major groups are Somalis, Sudanese and Congolese. This brings a


Main security challenges:

  • Cattle rustling along the borders with Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. 
  • Violence is caused by competition over resources as well as between the refugees and the local community.
  • There are also conflicts between NGOs and the Local Arbitration over the distribution of resources.
  • A possible new challenge could arise from the recent discovery of oil in the region.
  • Other frequent crimes are Armed Robbery, Assault and Defilement.


Partners in Kakuma

Community Based Organizations and other development agencies like UNHCR, Oxfam and WFP but also the Red Cross and faith based organizations. There is one police station, a police post, three patrol bases and one GSU. Other partners are the local chief, the children office and the health facility.



  • The police-community interactions are analyzed to produce better working relationships, create mutual understanding of responsibilities and role in ensuring safety and security.

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