Kopsiro community is situated on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Bungoma County, close to the border with Uganda.The target community in Kopsiro comprises of the ethnic groups; the Sabaots, Luhyas and Teso’s. Most of the locals are self-employed. They depend largely on agriculture and practice subsistence farming.

Security challenges:

  • Retrogressive political leadership that fuels strife, anarchy and intercommunity hatred
  • Youth involved in delinquency
  • Proliferation of small arms
  • Crimes like malicious damage of property, land disputes, incest and girl child defilement


Partners in Kopsiro:

local CBOs, Religious institutions, business and education sectors, the police and informal security bodies



  • Ensuring community participation in the on-going national reform process
  • Building trust between police and public
  • Enhanced accountability and transparency from the police to the community
  • Involvement in the development of budgetary request for security at the local and national government level
  • Creating awareness on crime and violence prevention initiatives, the Community Based Policing policy and the role of the County Policing Authority.

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