Usalama Reforms Forum is a Kenyan based Policy, Research & Innovation Organization founded as a Security Sector and Governance outfit  in 2008 with the mandate of consolidating civil society engagement in security sector reforms programs in the region.

Established by a coalition of local, national and international organizations working in Security Sector Governance in Kenya” Usalama has since evolved to become a leading institution in policy and evidence based interventions, with the focus on innovation, knowledge management, promotion of accountability, proffessionalism and the rule of law in public engagements. 

In partnership with the NPS, Usalama commissioned a study in 2012 on the state of police stations and the criminal justice system in Kenya. The study was published into a report titled “Communities and their Police Stations”. As part of its unique innovative approaches, Usalama developed and has implemented a “Community Safety Model” across a number of counties incorporating democratic policing through community policing policy.

Our thematic strands Includes:
  • Policy & Legislation
  • Accoutability & Professionalism
  • Democratic Policing
  • Oversight mechanisms
  • Community Safety Models 

Usalama’s mandate has evolved over time, with a clear focus on policy, research & innovation, good governance and promoting knowledge based & sustainable community safety models through public participation and democratic principles enshrined in the rule of law.

Over the years, Usalama has built strategic partnerships with the National Police Service Commission (NPSC), National Police Service (NPS), the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA); Internal Affair Unit (IAU), Geneva Centre for Security Governance (DCAF) and Police Reforms Working Group among others.

To acheive sustainability, we are working in the areas of research and knowledge managament to address emerging challenges in public and private security sector through consultancy services.


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